League of Legends


I am not only interested in sewing and quilting :) I am also a quite passionate gamer. Juha and I met in a game even but not League of Legends. We met in a shooter.

Anyway, I really love playing League of Legends. I usually play supports or ad carrys. Just recently I started to write a log about my games just to force myself to recall how the game went and analyzing it in order to see if I can improve something. Of course having the possibility to re-watch my own games would help, too. I'll have to look into that possibility to record my games. And of course I should watch more high - elo streams of support players to see what I can learn from them. Currently I am in Silver I (cough) and started at bronze V.... horrible. It took me ages to get out of bronze. Once I reached Silver V it surprisingly easy to raise, I honestly don't know why. Perhaps because the flame suddenly decreased..? I do not know.

I don't really have a main champ but I certainly enjoy playing Janna, Sona, Nami. Too bad they only counter themselves and other supports like Thresh, Blitz or Leona can be tough. Not for all of my favorite ones, Sona is for example good against Leona but against Thresh and Blitz, I would not really recommend. Nami is not good against Leona or Thresh but might work against Blitz IF you can properly ward. Which is quite hard also if their Blitz knows how to work. Rather a Janna against Blitz although you have to be really careful too since your own squishyness. Whoever picks a Leona against a Janna is a very brave person, I have only lost once to Leona because my AD carry played way too defensive. He was very scared of Leona's stuns which is understandable but thanks to Jannas Kit it's not really a problem.

If you wanna read my logs, you can find them at Elolog.com. My summoner name is evilynnigirl (surprise!).