Freitag, 12. Juli 2013


If there are any tricks on how to quilt anything bigger than a baby quilt on a homesewing machine. Perhaps I am just not smart enough to figure out a way that makes it half way convenient to move those layers of fabric around. I do not know. I only know that I am currently working on a lap size quilt and I am going nuts. Hehe. I started only 45 mins ago with it and here I am already... taking a break! Oh... in case you're wondering what I am quilting.. it is the wiggly whimsey quilt that I said I will make at some point. I got over myself and started to cut all those tiny squares 98x (grmpsls, I hate cutting)
Well, and I worked every evening on it when Janna was in bed and now I am already in the quilting process. I hope to be finished by tomorrow so I can show it off to you guys! (Don't expect pretty quilting, it's actually horrible but hey, the quilt is for me or Janna, so I don't actually care if the quilting is perfect or not. ;) ) That being said, I hope you have a lovely friday! :)

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