Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Stash Stack Club June Issue

Hi guys!

I know, I know, I have been awfully abandoning my blog. My excuse is: I have had my last rounds of chemo in June and I felt awful. I finished my chemo last week and now I am done for good (at least we hope that ;) ) and now it's only the radiation part which is upcoming.

But enough of that. Today I opened my post box and ... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... the first issue of the Pink Castle Stash Stack Club arrived. Well, MY first issue. As far as I could read they have been offering this amazing club for now exactly one year. I stumbeled accidentally upon it, since I was searching for Stash Builders. They have several offers for that club, I picked the one that is most useful for me.


Castle Fabrics

I think their deal is quite fair. You can choose if you want Fat Quarters, Half Yard or Yard Cuts and if you want the full or the half stack. The full stack are 12 prints each month and the half stack 6 prints, obviously. In the spotlight each month is a different colour. The June issue was all about greys. And what lovely stacks I received! This is awesome!

I like this club because I don't get to chose the prints. I noticed that I tend to buy the same prints all over again. And the same colours for that matter. I didn't have a single piece in grey until today! And that list continues with a lot other colours. I am definitely a pink and purple girl. Those are the colours I buy and have. And a couple of blues (but those were gifted and I didn't buy them myself). And reds. Same story. That's why I signed up for that club. The prices are fair. The full Fat Quarter stack costs 30 USD, the half stack 16.50 USD. I would have loved to take the half yard offer but I hadto control myself ;) For the international shipping I paid 15.25 USD which is fair. Mail forwarding doesn't really pay off here because that is a fair deal!! Yes, I am really happy with it :) A girl can never have too many fabrics ;) I wish you all a pleasant week :) Steffie

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