Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013


... my quilt is finished! Yes, I finished the "Whiggly Whimsey" quilt! I am not super happy with the outcome because the quilting was quite a pain (how on earth do people even quilt a Queen or a King Size Quilt on their home machine????? That's just crazy. I think the next lap size quilt I'll just send somewhere to be quilted or so...) and binding is my enemy always and forever even with the best tutorials, hihi... but hey, I am practising. I also make use of the "gallopping horse rule" for this one. But well, it's finished and since it's not for sale or to give away (It's MINE. And perhaps I'd share with Juha and Janna although the colors are very girlie.) it's quilte okay! The "quilting" is not very satisfactory but for my personal quilt it's enough. I don't care. ;) Since I got very frustrated during the process I decided to do something fun. I took one of the Charm Packs that I was sent by Andrea (Thanks again, sweetie!) and decided to make a very simple baby quilt out of it. No cutting, no fuss, just sewing the Charms together. It goes together really quick and within only 2-3 hours the whole quilt is finished. I finished it also yesterday evening with the left-overs from the whiggly quilt: Both quilts have been washed and are now drying in the sauna since the weather is not that good. It will start to rain any minute. So Janna and I are making ourselves comfortable inside :) I hope you have a great day today :) Hugs and kisses Steffie

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