Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Busy weekend

I am not sure if I ever was so eager to finish a quilttop. It went together so quickly and nicely. The only annoying part about it was the cutting, but next month I will buy a June Taylor ruler from I will use my mailforwarder to send it to me. That way I can save some Euros I guess. While I am at it, I will also order Elmers School Glue because you can also glue fabrics with it and it washes completely out. Someone in the M* Forum had linked to a video that helps to create the perfect binding and I have to say it has helped me a lot! :)

I finished my Batik quilt top yesterday evening. I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome!

I knew it will look fabulous. The black just makes the colors pop. It looks really awesome :) I love it! Now I just have to quilt and bind it. I am also wondering if I could make it even bigger by adding some borders. Should I? What do you think? And for the backing I haven't decided yet either what I should use. Should I go for a batik back as well? In any case, I see a fabric order in my future ;)

But, I wasn't only finishing the Batik Quilt Top, I also made a quick project for our house. I was so sick of having the letters flying around anywhere in the house once whoever emptied the mailbox. So I decided to make a letter box for inside:

It's not a beauty (I used it also as a "FMQ" practise piece with an absolutely horrid outcome as you can see, but hey, it's for us inside, so I don't think I care hihi) but it will fulfil its purpose, I am sure.
Also I have sewn my "leaders and enders" together (2,5'' fabric squares that were leftovers from various projects) and as you can see, it's quite a big piece already! I haven't decided yet what it will become but I am thinking perhaps a huge scrap quilt :) That would be awesome!

Since I can't finish the Batik Quilt yet due to lack of border/backing and binding fabrics (I want batiks as well) I will have to start a new project. I still have to make that wiggly whimsey quilt (I have all the mats for it) but I was to lazy due to all the cutting that would need to be done for it. Well what can I say, I just spent 4 hours cutting for the Batik quilt so I guess the cutting for that quilt will be easy peasy :D I think I will start today! :) Anyway, I hope you guys had a nice weekend (I did, that's for sure) and happy quilting!