Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

New blog about quilting, sewing, gaming. ;)

Hiii folks,

I decided to create this blog all around my hobbies! But I think first, it might be in order to introduce myself.

My name is Steffie Jerak, I am a 34 year old German woman who lives in Finland. I am engaged to a very lovely man named Juha, and we're having a very happy baby as our daughter who is 8 months old at the moment. I am not joking about her being happy, she is for sure the happiest person I have ever met in my whole life and that impression is not only mine, nearly everybody who meets her for the first time is saying after around 10 minutes: "What a remarkibly happy baby! She is laughing and smiling all the time!" ... yes.. I don't know from where she has that. Not from me, for sure, LOL!
I was diagnosed breast cancer in February 2013 and I am undergoing chemo therapy at the moment. I am just mentioning this in this post because in this blog I certainly don't want to speak about my sickness, this blog will be (I try) to be entirely happy, yes, Janna tought me that ;)

My hobbies are quilting and sewing. I bought myself a Carina Professional last year at She has no name - oh well, perhaps I should call her Carina... (WOW how imaginative was THAT Steffie ;) ) ... so Carina has taught me sewing and quilting and I enjoy it very much. I bought Carina just to have something to do when my lovely fiance has the PC (cough) and I cannot game. But quickly I found out that I really really enjoy crafting and so I spent many hours at the sewing machine while Juha played his weird Zombie Shooter. My first quilt was a baby quilt I made for my cousins baby. It was by no means any good but I really put much thoughts and love into this quilt because she was the first of us two to get the baby. I was still preggy with Janna! :)

Sorry for the bad picture, this was taken with my old camera and now I have a much better one. I just wanted to show my first quilt. :) I did a Stitch in the ditch as quilting since I didn't know anything else, haha! SitD is quilte okay and fun too! So I didn't mind. :)

I will make more sections I think so you can just read up whatever you are more interested in. My sewing or my gaming :) (or my daughter? :P )


Steffie aka evilynnigirl

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