Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Hi again!

At the moment it is awfully hot outside (around 25 degrees, and it's only 10 a.m!) and the thermometer will probably raise to 30 or more. Not that we are unhappy about it - the winter in Finland is long enough. :)

I started yesterday to cut 2,5 '' squares for my "Wiggly Whimsy" quilt that I am intending to make. It looks awesome! I am planning to use the "Posy" Line by Aneela Hoey for moda. It's so pretty that I instantly fell in love with it... but the cutting is a huge effort! I didn't buy a white Jelly Roll for it, it's just sooooo much more expensive than to buy just white yardage. Okay, then you have a lot more cutting to do, but what the heck - I rather cut a bit more and save some money. For the "Posy" - I had ordered a charmpack of it and was planning originally to do something completely different, until i was stumbling over this:

And then I knew: this pretty fabric line deserves a quilt! Isn't it darling?! I think it is!

And what is your current Work in Progress? Care to share? :)



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