Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Stash Stack Club July Issue

Hey there, summer summer summer! Is there a more summery cheery color than pink?! That must have been the thought of the Stash Stack founders, too. I joined the Stash Stack Club last month when grey was the color of the month and received 12 terribly pretty fatquarters. The prints looked even better than on the pictures and are awesome stash builders! I don't have that many stacks (yet) but with this club I will soon be in a very comfortable postion.

Castle Fabrics
This month comes with pink colors. The pictures of the prints on their blog looked very very promising so I couldn't wait to receive my package. Well this time it was here very quick, I didn't even have time to say "cat"! (A finnish saying) I have to say I am very pleased how fast it was this time. But when I opened the package I got even more excited because the colors and prints are again really pretty and the pictures on the facebook page and their blog didn't just do the fabrics justice! But look yourself: With the grey stack I have now 24 fat quarters. Would make some nice quilt already! But now I am wondering if I should wait a couple of months and make a real colorful quilt and not use instantly my brandnew stash up. Hm! What do you think? :) Hugs, Steffie

Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013


... my quilt is finished! Yes, I finished the "Whiggly Whimsey" quilt! I am not super happy with the outcome because the quilting was quite a pain (how on earth do people even quilt a Queen or a King Size Quilt on their home machine????? That's just crazy. I think the next lap size quilt I'll just send somewhere to be quilted or so...) and binding is my enemy always and forever even with the best tutorials, hihi... but hey, I am practising. I also make use of the "gallopping horse rule" for this one. But well, it's finished and since it's not for sale or to give away (It's MINE. And perhaps I'd share with Juha and Janna although the colors are very girlie.) it's quilte okay! The "quilting" is not very satisfactory but for my personal quilt it's enough. I don't care. ;) Since I got very frustrated during the process I decided to do something fun. I took one of the Charm Packs that I was sent by Andrea (Thanks again, sweetie!) and decided to make a very simple baby quilt out of it. No cutting, no fuss, just sewing the Charms together. It goes together really quick and within only 2-3 hours the whole quilt is finished. I finished it also yesterday evening with the left-overs from the whiggly quilt: Both quilts have been washed and are now drying in the sauna since the weather is not that good. It will start to rain any minute. So Janna and I are making ourselves comfortable inside :) I hope you have a great day today :) Hugs and kisses Steffie

Freitag, 12. Juli 2013


If there are any tricks on how to quilt anything bigger than a baby quilt on a homesewing machine. Perhaps I am just not smart enough to figure out a way that makes it half way convenient to move those layers of fabric around. I do not know. I only know that I am currently working on a lap size quilt and I am going nuts. Hehe. I started only 45 mins ago with it and here I am already... taking a break! Oh... in case you're wondering what I am quilting.. it is the wiggly whimsey quilt that I said I will make at some point. I got over myself and started to cut all those tiny squares 98x (grmpsls, I hate cutting)
Well, and I worked every evening on it when Janna was in bed and now I am already in the quilting process. I hope to be finished by tomorrow so I can show it off to you guys! (Don't expect pretty quilting, it's actually horrible but hey, the quilt is for me or Janna, so I don't actually care if the quilting is perfect or not. ;) ) That being said, I hope you have a lovely friday! :)

Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Busy weekend

I am not sure if I ever was so eager to finish a quilttop. It went together so quickly and nicely. The only annoying part about it was the cutting, but next month I will buy a June Taylor ruler from amazon.com. I will use my mailforwarder to send it to me. That way I can save some Euros I guess. While I am at it, I will also order Elmers School Glue because you can also glue fabrics with it and it washes completely out. Someone in the M* Forum had linked to a video that helps to create the perfect binding and I have to say it has helped me a lot! :)

I finished my Batik quilt top yesterday evening. I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome!

I knew it will look fabulous. The black just makes the colors pop. It looks really awesome :) I love it! Now I just have to quilt and bind it. I am also wondering if I could make it even bigger by adding some borders. Should I? What do you think? And for the backing I haven't decided yet either what I should use. Should I go for a batik back as well? In any case, I see a fabric order in my future ;)

But, I wasn't only finishing the Batik Quilt Top, I also made a quick project for our house. I was so sick of having the letters flying around anywhere in the house once whoever emptied the mailbox. So I decided to make a letter box for inside:

It's not a beauty (I used it also as a "FMQ" practise piece with an absolutely horrid outcome as you can see, but hey, it's for us inside, so I don't think I care hihi) but it will fulfil its purpose, I am sure.
Also I have sewn my "leaders and enders" together (2,5'' fabric squares that were leftovers from various projects) and as you can see, it's quite a big piece already! I haven't decided yet what it will become but I am thinking perhaps a huge scrap quilt :) That would be awesome!

Since I can't finish the Batik Quilt yet due to lack of border/backing and binding fabrics (I want batiks as well) I will have to start a new project. I still have to make that wiggly whimsey quilt (I have all the mats for it) but I was to lazy due to all the cutting that would need to be done for it. Well what can I say, I just spent 4 hours cutting for the Batik quilt so I guess the cutting for that quilt will be easy peasy :D I think I will start today! :) Anyway, I hope you guys had a nice weekend (I did, that's for sure) and happy quilting!

Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

A sneak peak

Hi guys!

At the moment it's not so awfully hot as it was last week. It's still summer but now it's bearable :) I wanted to show you what I have been working on for a couple days. Iw as super bored and while cleaning a bit my tiny sewing area up, I found a Layer Cake that I had ordered once as a Daily Deal from Missouri Star Quilt Company . It was the Bali Dark Layer Cake from Benartex.

Aren't those absolutely amazing colors? Yes, they look AS good as on screen in real! Wow! Anyway, that Layer Cake has been sitting in my shelf for at least half a year or longer even. I never found out what to do with it because I wanted a pattern that showcases those colors. As less cutting as possible but still I didn't want to just sew the 10'' squares together because then I would have needed 2 Layercakes to get a decently sized quilt. But while I was browsing the web, I very accidentally stumbled over the 1+2 Quilt Tutorial on Samelia's Mum blog. That pattern might be very simple but aren't often the simple things those that are the most effective? In this case, YES. I just love how quickly it comes together and how amazing it looks, especially in the case of these batiks!

I tell you, this is going to look AMAZING. Look yourself!

Mind you, it's going to look even better in the sun! I am so looking forward to this! :))) Wow. I hope you like it as much as me!



Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Stash Stack Club June Issue

Hi guys!

I know, I know, I have been awfully abandoning my blog. My excuse is: I have had my last rounds of chemo in June and I felt awful. I finished my chemo last week and now I am done for good (at least we hope that ;) ) and now it's only the radiation part which is upcoming.

But enough of that. Today I opened my post box and ... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... the first issue of the Pink Castle Stash Stack Club arrived. Well, MY first issue. As far as I could read they have been offering this amazing club for now exactly one year. I stumbeled accidentally upon it, since I was searching for Stash Builders. They have several offers for that club, I picked the one that is most useful for me.


Castle Fabrics

I think their deal is quite fair. You can choose if you want Fat Quarters, Half Yard or Yard Cuts and if you want the full or the half stack. The full stack are 12 prints each month and the half stack 6 prints, obviously. In the spotlight each month is a different colour. The June issue was all about greys. And what lovely stacks I received! This is awesome!

I like this club because I don't get to chose the prints. I noticed that I tend to buy the same prints all over again. And the same colours for that matter. I didn't have a single piece in grey until today! And that list continues with a lot other colours. I am definitely a pink and purple girl. Those are the colours I buy and have. And a couple of blues (but those were gifted and I didn't buy them myself). And reds. Same story. That's why I signed up for that club. The prices are fair. The full Fat Quarter stack costs 30 USD, the half stack 16.50 USD. I would have loved to take the half yard offer but I hadto control myself ;) For the international shipping I paid 15.25 USD which is fair. Mail forwarding doesn't really pay off here because that is a fair deal!! Yes, I am really happy with it :) A girl can never have too many fabrics ;) I wish you all a pleasant week :) Steffie

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Hi again!

At the moment it is awfully hot outside (around 25 degrees, and it's only 10 a.m!) and the thermometer will probably raise to 30 or more. Not that we are unhappy about it - the winter in Finland is long enough. :)

I started yesterday to cut 2,5 '' squares for my "Wiggly Whimsy" quilt that I am intending to make. It looks awesome! I am planning to use the "Posy" Line by Aneela Hoey for moda. It's so pretty that I instantly fell in love with it... but the cutting is a huge effort! I didn't buy a white Jelly Roll for it, it's just sooooo much more expensive than to buy just white yardage. Okay, then you have a lot more cutting to do, but what the heck - I rather cut a bit more and save some money. For the "Posy" - I had ordered a charmpack of it and was planning originally to do something completely different, until i was stumbling over this:


And then I knew: this pretty fabric line deserves a quilt! Isn't it darling?! I think it is!

And what is your current Work in Progress? Care to share? :)